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Arriving to Hudson Bay Mountain from the U.K., Claire began her relationship with the mountains at  the age of two. In the early years, time on the slopes wasn’t a priority as she preferred lounging in the cozy family cabin, playing underneath the HBM Day Lodge, or seeking out a quiet hiding spot in the prairie trees to nibble snacks. However after gradual exposure to the world of competitive ski racing, she fell into a rhythm of training with the Smithers Ski Club. Claire developed skills that took her to race all over the world and ultimately led to a diverse ski career of coaching, action modelling, writing, and work in the media industry. She has been featured on countless magazine covers and  advertising campaigns as well as in motion as a host for Ski TV. Her Ski Fit programs have also been published in print and online. Though Claire loves to travel and ski new places, there will always be a special place in her heart for the mountain where it all began.

“Hudson Bay Mountain has always been somewhere I can go to find peace. I don’t have to look far to find a quiet spot, where it’s just me and the mountain. When the snow falls, it’s light and dry, and you’ll find pockets of fresh powder for days after a snowstorm. HBM has retained it’s unpretentious charm throughout the years and I’m grateful this is where my love of the mountains began.”


Claire offers Claire’s Ski Camps at Hudson Bay Mountain and further afield. She is a Rossignol athlete.