Hudson Bay Mountain Resort Legendary Locals

We are proud to support our community of Legendary Locals. We define a Legendary Local as someone who loves to choose the Hudson Bay Mountain Resort in Smithers as their winter playground of choice.

They know the mountain, their passion for fresh powder is palpable, and they are respected by our close-knit mountain community for their integrity and personal character. A Legendary Local represents the past, present and future of the skiing and snowboarding community on Hudson Bay Mountain.

Every year, we ask our community to nominate* the “Legendary Local” of the year, and we are pleased to provide that individual with a free pass for that season. It is an important part of the tradition that makes Hudson Bay Mountain Resort a central part of the Smithers landscape.

*HBMR team appreciates your nomination and will vote to determine the winner.

2017/18 Legendary Local*S*

Marleau and Sikkes chosen HBMR Legendary Locals for 2017-2018

In a break from tradition, Hudson Bay Mountain Resort (HBMR) has chosen two people, instead of one, as Legendary Locals for 2018.

Lois Marleau, 83, is a resident of Kitimat. Theo Sikkes, also 83, is a Smithers resident. Both are familiar faces on the mountain, where they have skied, respectively, for 43 and 48 years.

“As we get closer to 2019, when we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ski hill, we wanted to recognize two people who have been skiing here as long as there has been a ski area,” said HBMR President Gary Mathiesen. “Both Lois and Theo have been inspiring people on the mountain for decades.”

Mathiesen said Sikkes and Marleau shone from among the list of nominees. Both were nominated numerous times.

“Lois is an inspiration to all, especially to those of us who are senior skiers,” said Whitehorse resident Lori Eastmure. “She is a regular on the hill. She often skis alone and she is friendly to all. I look forward to her friendly wave. I hope to be as active as she is at her age.” Lois said spending Christmas and March break at her family cabin on the hill every year is an important part of her winter. Enjoying good health all her life has allowed her to keep coming to the mountain year after year, although she acknowledges it could be the skiing that has helped keep her fit.

“There’s something about being there that is really magical,” she said with a laugh.

Theo and his family have been a part of the mountain skiing culture since 1969. He agrees the mountain has something special, because even though he’s skied elsewhere, he’s always found the snow at HBMR to be “… as good or better than anywhere else.”

“I just love the winters here,” he said. “It’s great to get up there, to be up there all day, then to come home tired and sleep really well.”

Theo is a source of encouragement to others on the mountain.

“We have watched him ski under the chair for years,” said Smithers resident David Schwab. “In spite of knee and hip and heart surgery, he is in great shape and he just keeps going.”

As Legendary Locals, both Lois and Theo receive their season passes free this year.


Introducing Greg Stokes, our 2016/2017 Legendary Local!

Greg has been a pass holder for over 27 years and grew up exploring Hudson Bay Mountain.

He has been heavily involved in numerous events over the years, especially involved in the creation of the original terrain park back in 1996.

He really likes the family oriented environment you find on the mountain and notes that it is big enough to always find an new terrain but small enough that his 3 kids can have the freedom to roam.

Greg and his family are cabin owners and loves that there are 3 generations enjoying it together.

Join us in congratulating Greg on his Legendary Local status!

Greg Stokes

Your 2015/2016 Legendary Local is Mo (Rick Edwards)!

Mo has been actively involved with the Mountain for 40 years: as a pass holder for 39; cabin owner since the 80’s (and renting before that); years of coaching with the SSSC; and assisting in the organization and execution of long standing events like Schuss Boomer, not to mention one of the friendliest faces you’ll find in Whisky Jacks!

Congratulate him if you see him around, and make sure you get him to tell you a story about the good old days on the mountain as he has lots of good ones!

Your 2014/2015 Legendary Local is Nick DeWit!

Nick has lived in Smithers all his life; since 1957! Nick started skiing in 1969 and especially loves experiencing the outdoors. He cherishes the cabin life; sitting around the wood stove, playing guitar with friends and family. Nick loves Smithers powder, the mountain sunrises, full moons and the wintertime 4pm sunsets. His favorite run on Hudson Bay Mountain is O Zone. He had ALL his season passes from the past but lost most of them in an unfortunate cabin fire.

2013/2014 Legendary Local Winner

The votes are in! This year’s Legendary Local is Harvey Johnson!

Each person who purchased a 2013/2014 Legendary Local Season Pass got there say in choosing the ideal Hudson Bay Mountain ambassador. Harvey received his 2013/2014 pass for FREE and will go down in history as one of the great ones.

Harvey has skied Hudson Bay Mountain since 1980, and has even taken a few trips to ski in Dubai! While his kids grew up he was a Nancy Green Instructor and always enjoyed teaching kids of all ages. Ironically his nickname with the kids is “Grumpy”. Always willing to lend a hand, Harvey would even help out teachers when they brought up school groups. Today he is teaching his Grandchildren how to ski, but most of them want to snowboard and Harvey says “I’m getting too old for that!”

Thank you for everything you do Harvey you truly are Legendary!



You have spoken. This year’s Legendary Local is Rod Cunningham!

Everyone who purchased a 12/13 Seasons Pass during the Legendary Local Sale got to put their vote in for who they think embodies the spirit of Hudson Bay Mountain, who is always there with a smile on their face, and who is skiing or boarding no matter the conditions. Rod wins his 12/13 Seasons Pass for FREE!

Rod has lived in Smithers since 1963. His family skied often but the oldest pass he could dig up was from 1983. Check out the retro HBM logo!

Rod and his buddies entered the famous snowman downhill dummy for its first race in 1999. It survived and went on to race for a couple more years. It even made an appearance in the Fall Fair parade!

Rod is a regular at every Thrilling Thursday. Rod and his friends: Art, Harvey, and Al all meet up at A&W on Thursday mornings for coffee and carpool up the mountain. For special occasions, or on just any regular day, you can hear Rod sing and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear a jingle on his harmonica! Rod and his friends have a saying for while they’re skiing: “We’re over the hill in the free mountain air. Don’t need your retirement or your rocking chair. A little bit of powder is all we need. We’re over the hill and picking up speed!”

So next time to see Rod, say hello and congratulations. Next season maybe you could go for a run together – he might even show you his favourite secret powder stash!


Stay tuned for more information on 2011/12’s great winner Art Buchannon!


The Legendary Local is someone who embodies all the qualities that Hudson Bay Mountain stands for including: always having a good time; being positive regardless of the conditions; and consistently giving 110% in everything they participate in. This year’s winner Norma Stokes embodies all of this, and more! Norma’s first job in Smithers was in the HBM Lounge back when she was 19 years old. Norma and her husband bought a cabin on Prairie around 16 years ago. Since then the cabin has become a second home to them as well as a welcoming place for anyone to visit filled with warmth and good music. Norma loves to ski and snowboard. She received her snowboard instructor qualifications 5 years ago and enjoys sharing her passion through teaching others how to ride. Norma volunteered for the Smither’s Ski Club for the first time last winter by coaching in the Nancy Greene League and had lots of fun. She enjoyed coaching so much that she plans to do it again this winter.

If you see Norma on the mountain, chances are she’s already said “Hello!” and “How’s it going?”. You can never miss her smile, her positive attitude nor her ripper snowboarding! Congratulations Norma!

Norma will be spreading the joy by donating her Season Pass prize to a member of her ever-growing immediate family.


There could not possibly be a more deserving Legendary Local than our 2008/2009 winner: Rose Booth! With her huge heart and beautiful smile, Rose won over the hearts of all the passholders this year winning by a landslide! Congratulations Rose and we are so happy to have you on our mountain once again!


If you have been on the slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain within the last 35 years you will know, seen, heard or been spotted by our 2008/09 Legendary Local…OTTO KOLDYK. Otto, voted for by pass purchasers during the First Annual Legendary Locals Pass Sale has been a pass holder on Hudson Bay Mountain since 1971 and is still smiling.


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