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Personal Well being

Personal Well Being

  • Wear a Helmet
    • HBMR recommends that all skiers and riders wear helmets. We recommend that everyone educates themselves in the uses, advantages and limitations of helmets.
  • Protect Your Skin
    • UV rays are reflected from the snow surface. Make sure to put sunscreen on exposed skin. Wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes.


  • Dress Appropriately
    • Dress in layers so you can remove or add layers depending on your body temperature. The base layer should wick moisture away from your body. Synthetic fabrics that are specifically designed and merino wool make great base layers. Avoid cotton as it won’t keep you warm when wet. Middle layer – think insulation! Down vests, wool sweaters, fleece pullovers are all great options. Top layer should be wind and water resistant and breathable.


  • Footwear
    • Ski boots can be difficult to walk in and do not offer good traction. Use extra caution when walking around base areas.
  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of fluids (water, juice)
  • Eat snacks & good meals
  • Meeting points
    • When skiing in a group, make sure you have a designated meeting place. The meeting place should be a spot that everyone can easily find and access. If you become separated head to your designated meeting place.
  • Ski with a friend, if you ski or ride with a buddy, it’s much safer and usually more fun!
  • Carry a whistle. A whistle blast can carry further than the human voice if you get into trouble in the trees.