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Safety Tips


  • Respect ‘slow zones’ posted on mountains.
  • Ski/ride in control. You must always be able to quickly stop or turn to avoid objects or other skiers and riders. Take particular care in congested areas. Slow down and look ahead. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be aware of runs merging, remember to look up and give way accordingly.
  • Do not gather by the off ramp of the chairlift, be sure to move out of the way quickly so the next chair has plenty of room to unload.
  • Stay in bounds no matter how tempting that snow may be! Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. Trails and areas are closed for guest safety. Observe and obey all posted signs and warnings. Signs, markings and fences are in place for the safety of our guests. Ignoring these messages may put guests at greater risk, particularly those who follow tracks past boundaries.
  • Ski boots do not always offer good traction when walking on snow. Exercise caution around our base areas, parking lots and when turning corners.
  • Snow cats and snowmobiles may be encountered during operating hours. Give these vehicles a wide berth.
  • Identify meeting points with your group in case you become separated from your companions. All group members should know where to meet should separation occur.
  • If you need to stop on a run, do so on the shoulder/side and be sure oncoming skiers/riders can see you. Once you are ready to continue be sure to look up and give way to oncoming skiers/riders before beginning your decent.
  • Ski/ride with a buddy. Carry a whistle and be particularly cautious when skiing/riding in the trees.
  • Uphill skiing/skinning is only permitted on the uptrack on Ptarmigan or outside of the CRA.
  • Snowmobiling inside the CRA is not permitted at any time during operating hours. Registered snowmobiles may be used to transport goods to and from cabins, but only before 9 am and after 4:30 pm.