Adaptive Sports Program

Hudson Bay Mountain

Adaptive Sports Program

BC’s Northern Adaptive Snow Sports Program is proudly sponsored by: BC Adaptive Snow Sports & ACE (Access in the Community for Equality)

Hudson Bay Mountain is proud to offer adaptive skiing and snowboarding instruction and guidance to its guests through BC’s Northern Adaptive Sports Program.

This certified program utilizes specialized equipment and training to offer on snow experiences for people with cognitive or physical disability.


Membership to the ACE non-profit organization is a one time fee of $10 for life. A one day insurance cost of $10 through BC Adaptive Snow Sports.


One day lift ticket, CADS Certified Instructor and equipment.

The adaptive sports program employs a variety of methods to make skiing and snowboarding accessible to as many people as possible and will tailor programs to suit the needs of the participants, including:

Sit-skiing (Bi-Ski): Anybody can try this method. This popular sport makes skiing possible for many people including those with limited lower body strength, people who use wheelchairs, including those with paraplegia and quadriplegia, bilateral lower extremity amputations, or developmental disabilities.

Stand-up Skiing: Standing skiers use various methods including one, two, three, or four-track skiing techniques. These techniques use outriggers for balance and are named for the number of tracks left in the snow and support skiers with injuries to lower extremities, including prosthetic limbs.

Board-buddy: Some people benefit from the stance and mechanics associated with snowboarding. The board-buddy allows an instructor to maintain leverage over a snowboarding student.

Visually or hearing impaired: A trained instructor provides instruction and/or guidance.

Developmental/Learning Disabilities: A trained instructor provides instruction and/or guidance.

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BC Adaptive Snow Sports

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing