COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 - Protocols & Procedures

  • Face coverings will be required in all indoor spaces, in any line-up and on our Mountain Bus. This will go for our Team as well as our guests.
  • We will not be implementing any reservation system or limiting day ticket sales at this time.
  • We are asking everyone to respect social distancing guidelines, inside and out.
  • There will be reduced capacity in all indoor spaces i.e. the Lodge, Rental Shop and Guest Services

  • Guests will be loaded on the lifts in their bubbles. Single riders will be allowed on all lifts.
  • Please follow the social distancing guidelines for the lift lines and wear your mask.
  • We have created safety plans, policies and procedures for each department.
  • We are highly encouraging a “cashless” experience. Credit/debit and gift cards are preferred.
  • We are highly encouraging our guests to pre-book and pre-pay for any lessons or rentals, to reduce the amount of time spent inside
  • Rentals will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • In order to encourage the use of private lessons, the price will be reduced
  • We will still be offering our group lessons, however capacity will be reduced.
BackDoor Café 
Capacity limits, mandatory masks while not seated.
Whisky Jack’s Lounge
Vaccine passports required for entry
Coyote Café 
Currently, vaccine passports are not required for entry

Reduced capacity, safety plans and procedures and social distancing measures will continue to be in place.

  • Employees will receive proper training on the new protocols and procedures as well as general hygiene practices
  • High touch surfaces and restrooms will be frequently cleaned and disinfected
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the resort
  • Please read and follow the direction of all signage

Q: Will you be open for the entire 2021/22 season?

A: We fully intend to remain open for the entire season and will/are making every effort to do so. Our  Closing Day is scheduled for April 10th, 2022

Q: Will I be required to wear a face covering?

A: Yes, face coverings will be required in all indoor facilities, in any line-ups, the base area and while in Snow School lessons

Q: Do I need to pre-book or reserve my ski days?

A: We are not implementing any reservation system at this time

Q: What will lodge capacity be?

A: To accommodate government guidelines, there will be reduced capacity in all indoor spaces, please plan accordingly. There will also be a time limit on seating in Whisky Jack’s and tables in the café will be wrapped to show they are not available.

Q: Can I load the lift as a single?

A: Yes. Guests will be loaded in their “bubbles” or as a single rider if they arrived that way.

Q: Will rental equipment be cleaned after each use?

A: Yes. Rental equipment will be thoroughly sanitized after each use, and the whole building will be sanitized and cleaned throughout the day.

Q: Can I still rent equipment on the day of?

A: There will be gear available for rent on the day of your visit, however we are highly encouraging our guests to pre-book their gear. We have a new fill-able form on our website (just fill it in, pay and email it) to make this process easier.

Q: Will you still be offering Snow School lessons?

A: Yes, we will still offer lessons. However we are encouraging guests to book private or “bubble” lessons and we highly suggest that you pre-book the lesson.

Q: How will you make sure that your staff know all the new policies and protocols?

A: Staff will be trained extensively on all the new policies and protocols, and regular site visits will ensure that everyone (guests as well as staff) are abiding by the rules.

Q: Will lift lines look different?

A: Yes, we will be encouraging physical distancing by reworking how our lift mazes are set. Please respect all signage.

Q: How will I know what changes are being implemented?

A: We have information on our website, as well as safety signage around the entire mountain or ask any helpful Team Member

Q: Can I still pay with cash?

A: HBMR will still be accepting cash, however we are encouraging a “cashless experience” – anyone who can pay with a card or gift card is encouraged to do so.

Q: Will parking be restricted?

A: We will not be restricting any parking; however we are asking guests to continue to obey any signage

Q: Will the SMP-RV Mountain Bus still be running

A: Yes we will still be offering the Mountain Shuttle, however it will look different this year. Pick up spots have been reduced to one (McDonald’s) and you will have to book your spot on the bus. Face coverings will be required for the entirety of the trip.

Q: Are you offering any COVID-19 pass assurance?

A: If a closure happens during the season, we will offer a discount on the next season. Amount of discount will depend on when the closure happens and for how long.

Q: Will you still be having events?

A: In keeping with government guidelines, the events you know and love will look a little different this year. Please check our website, call our Downtown Office or see Guest Services for specifics.

COVID-19 - Policies

2021/2022 Season’s Pass Purchases

In the event of another industry-wide shutdown either during or near the end of the season, we will do our best to protect our passholders while keeping HBM viable as a business. We would consider credits or deferrals but it would depend on the timing of the shut down.

Updated September 2021

COVID-19 Safety Plans

Click to see our Safety Plans by department;

Downtown Office

Guest Services

Lift Operations

Rental Shop

Snow Patrol

Snow School

SMP Mountain Bus

Medical Mask Exemption Policy 

We will continue to take guidance from local and provincial health authorities, and update these plans accordingly.