Repairs & Tuning

Hudson Bay Mountain Ski & Snowboard Repairs

Repair Rates

Are you ready to get back on the slopes?

The trained and certified professionals at the Hudson Bay Mountain Repair shop are here to help. Whether skiing or boarding, our skilled equipment technicians will set up, tune up, ensure proper fit and answer any equipment questions you might have. We can help you get back on the slopes faster and safer so you can enjoy the mountain all day long.

For immediate or overnight service. Email our Repair Shop at or call (778) 648-4426 for more info or questions.

Prices do not include GST
Hot Hand Wax $35
Ptex Repair – small$15/section
Ptex Repair – large$20/gouge
Edge Sharpening$20
Full Tune$50
Binding Adjustment$15

Just need a spare part? We got that covered too!

Prices do not include GST
Snowboard Ladder$15
Snowboard Buckle$18
Snowboard Ankle Strap$20
Snowboard Toe Strap$18
Single Ski Pole Basket$9
Ski Pole Handle$15
Bolt for Snowboard Bindings$5
Boot Laces$6