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Instructor Courses 2017/2018

We are hosting a Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) Level 2 course. We are welcoming any CSIA Level 1 instructor to join us!

CSIA 2 will enable you to teach almost anywhere in the world and many benefits including Pro-deals with tens of top brand products

CSIA Level 2 is a 10 point, College level course.

April 3 – Terrain Assisted Development

Learn to use the terrain as a teaching tool

  • Learn to identify skiing objectives and match appropriate terrain assisted activities.
  • Adjust your tactics to the skier’s skills (entry level to intermediate) and terrain (green/blue).
  • Managing progression to steeper terrain.

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of certification
Fees: $106.70 + tax
Program outline: click here

April 4 & 5 – Level 2 Training course

  • Ski and teach training
  • On snow and indoor sessions
  • Online learning content (Guest Service online module – mandatory)

Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: CSIA Level 1 OR CSCF/ACA Entry Level Mentor Program completed OR CSCF/ACA Development Level Trained status
Course fees: $264.80 + tax
Course Guide: click here

April 6 & 7 – Level 2 Assessed Training course

  • Ski and teach training with assessment

Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: Level 2 Training course completed (registration can be done in advance)
Course fees: $264.80 + tax
Course Guide: click here

Please register here 

Did you know that you could get high school credits for taking these courses?

These courses have been approved by the BC Ministry of Education as External Credential. High School students aged 15 and over can receive two credits towards their High School Diploma if they successfully complete a CASI or CSIA Level One course.

All course participants receive the special price of $25.00 per day for their lift pass.

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