School Groups


We are fully booked for School Groups for the 22/23 season. 

Please email Lex at to be put on the waiting list.


Hello teachers and coordinators!

Welcome to the Hudson Bay Mountain School Group Program for the 2022/23 season!

Due to there currently being no Provincial Health Orders in place, the school group program is back to looking mostly like normal!

Please note that we will continue to follow all Provincial Health Orders and all that they entail.

–       We have kept group capacity at 50 max. This was done to ensure students get through the rental fitting process in a timely manner (capacity in the rental shop) and to adhere to the capacity limit in group lessons.

–       We will still be cleaning and sanitizing all high touch surfaces

–        Rental gear will still be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

–       We are sticking with a reduced capacity in the Rental Shop.

–       Lesson group size will be a maximum of 5 participants

–       Parents/Guardians will still have the option to opt their child out of lessons, after the first visit. A waiver will be required to opt out, each time. All students are required to take a lesson their visit of the season.

We hope that you, your students and school officials recognize the benefits of outdoor education and are confident in the measures being put in place.

Please see the information below for pricing.

Our school group lesson program includes four different ability levels; this allows us to better address individual students’ needs and maximize time for fun. These levels are broken down to:

Never Ever – This lesson is for students who have never put on a pair of skis or a snowboard before. They will learn the basics of how to put on their equipment, basic mobility skills, and how to safely use the Little Rascal handle tow lift.

Green – This lesson is geared towards students who have basic mobility skills (can snowplow and stop on skis, or can sideslip and stop on snowboard) and who want to increase that mobility. Skiers will learn how to parallel ski, and snowboarders will learn how to change edges to connect their ‘S turns’. Both aspects may have the opportunity to safely learn how to use the T-bar lift, and may graduate to Green runs or Blue runs.

Blue – Students in this level can parallel ski and turn using both edges of their snowboard. They can confidently use the T-bar lift (Panorama or Prairie), and are looking to solidify their skills through the use of varying terrain and new exercises to challenge their abilities.

Black – This lesson is for students who are confidant in their ability to ski or snowboard various terrain all over the mountain. They will continue to challenge their skills by doing exercises on difficult terrain, and may use the terrain park or steeps and trees to further their learning.

Please read through the material included for information on how to book and organize your day. The Coordinator Package, Group Registration Sheet, Participant’s Take-home Info, and Signup Form are all available to download below.


Prices at a glance:

  Elementary High School
Lift, Lesson & Rental $43 $45
Lesson & Lift $35 $40
Lesson & Rental $30 $30
Lesson Only $15 $15

Extra Chaperone Pricing

Each school group is entitled to one complimentary Chaperone lift ticket for every 8 students for all grades. All chaperones pay the following for lessons and rentals, and additional chaperones (maximum of 5) pay the following for lift tickets:

Lift Ticket: $30

Rental: $20

Lesson: $10

**Any additional chaperones above the maximum of 5 pay regular price, with a 25% discount.

School Coordinator Package

Participant Package

School Group Registration Sheet

Participation Sign Up Waiver 

Lesson Opt Out Waiver 

If you require further information or would like to book your snow day on Hudson Bay Mountain, please email