Level 1 Ski Instructors Course

CSIA Level 1 Certification

Who Should Take This Course?
The CSIA Level 1 Certification Course is open to anyone with an interest in learning about how to
teach skiing. Candidates on the Level 1 Course will explore skiing technique and teaching methods
on Beginner up to Intermediate terrain.

• 14 years of age on the first day of the Course
• Confident parallel skiing on Intermediate terrain
Am I Ready?
CSIA Level 1 Certification includes skiing and teaching assessment and evaluation. In order to help
you achieve success on the Course, consider the following preparation, if available to you:
• Spend time working or volunteering at a Snow School, to experience entry level lessons in
• Book a lesson at a Snow School with a current CSIA Course Conductor to enhance your skiing
ability and gain insight into the Level 1 Standard
The CSIA Level 1 Course is designed to introduce and develop the basic skills for teaching new
skiers of all ages with a focus on teaching children.
Time will be spent exploring:
• How to teach safely in the age of COVID-19
• Collaborative Teaching Approaches and Lesson Planning
• CSIA Technical Concepts
• Ski Improvement
• Guest Service and Communication Skills
Candidates will receive coaching on their skiing, as well as feedback on their teaching skills, with the
goal of reaching the Level 1 Standard in both of these areas. They will also receive suggestions and
strategies for long-term development. The successful Candidate is certified to teach first-time skiers
through Intermediate level students.
3 days
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