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What a day we had at Schuss Boomer! We saw some great costumes and Congratulations to our winners below!


Closest Team
The Crotch Rockets
Byron Smale
Caleb Smale
Dave Quinn
2.37 seconds
Female Mini-Schuss Skier Zoey Thom-Lucy 1:42.18
Male Mini-Schuss Skier Tyler Andersen 1:41.92
Male Mini-Schuss Snowboard Hugo Pretorius 2:56.10
Female Skier Sage Murphy 1:36.90
Male Skier Philippe Bernier 1:28.51
Female Snowboard Carlee BonneTete 2:21.32
Male Snowboard Kieran Rysavy 1:58.41
Female Radar Sage Murphy 101
Male Radar Philippe Bernier 108
Best Costume – The Frosted Flakes Debi Smith
Sandi Vestvik
Kathy Pelchat

For more information on the results go to http://www.schussboomerdownhill.com/2018/index.php

We got some stunning photography from Thomas Camus, for more photos go to his website at http://www.camusphotography.ca/Ski-hill-events/34th-Annual-Schussboomer-Downhill/


Best Dressed!