What a day we had at Schuss Boomer! We saw some great costumes and Congratulations to our winners below!


CategoryName Time/Speed
Closest Team
The Crotch Rockets
Byron Smale
Caleb Smale
Dave Quinn
2.37 seconds
Female Mini-Schuss SkierZoey Thom-Lucy1:42.18
Male Mini-Schuss SkierTyler Andersen1:41.92
Male Mini-Schuss SnowboardHugo Pretorius2:56.10
Female SkierSage Murphy1:36.90
Male SkierPhilippe Bernier1:28.51
Female SnowboardCarlee BonneTete2:21.32
Male SnowboardKieran Rysavy1:58.41
Female RadarSage Murphy101
Male RadarPhilippe Bernier108
Best Costume – The Frosted FlakesDebi Smith
Sandi Vestvik
Kathy Pelchat

For more information on the results go to http://www.schussboomerdownhill.com/2018/index.php

We got some stunning photography from Thomas Camus, for more photos go to his website at http://www.camusphotography.ca/Ski-hill-events/34th-Annual-Schussboomer-Downhill/